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Winning meant losing in the long run

Here comes another 16 December.
An ungrateful nation pays respect for the 34th time to three million martyrs who sacrificed their lives and others who fought to earn the freedom on December 16, 1971. As history says, on this day, General AK Niazi, the chief of 93000 men Pakistani forces, surrendered to a ‘Bangladesh India’ joint command at Suhrawardy Udyan following his defeat to the Bengali Mukti Bahini in the March to December war. Sounds good. So we won, right?

Well, no matter what the politicians and salesmen say, there is no such a thing as a win-win situation. If somebody wins, somebody else has to lose. The winner takes all: the glory, the recognition of skill and so on. The ideal loser may bow to the victor, but no one likes being defeated.
Losing is not a permanent condition, just as winning isn't. True that Bangladeshis won the battle in 1971, stage is all set for the losers of 1971 to win now. Arguably, freedom fighters or their associates cannot suggest, they are still in a ‘win’ situation right now. The ball definitely is on the other side on the court.

Unfortunately buy realistically, the men and women who fought a bloody war and laid down their lives had dreams. None of these dreams has been fulfilled. Worst comes worst (so far, I must say),
losers seems to be fulfilling their dreams one after another. Must we think, at present scenario, whether we have the right to celebrate the Victory Day? If yes, victory for whom? Victory for what?

Just at this moment, I would like to introduce JMB. Yes JMB. The multi talented Islamic group who tends to bring the memories of 1971 when their fathers and elder brothers were evolved in a mission to kill the progressive Bangladeshis of all professions…….lawmakers, teachers, doctors, lawyers and the list goes on. Just a reminder of JMB’s recent aggression, folks:

Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) has threatened to blow up five schools if the school authorities raise the national flag and the students sing the national anthem at school assembly. JMB claimed the national anthem is a "Hindu song" and said they will blew off in January 1 2005 if school authorities dire to avoid JMB’s threat. (Daily star 7th December).

In Nilphamari, Railway police at 12 thanas are in high alert following arrests of 2 JMB militants from the mail trains. Railway authorities are expecting possible terror attacks in the month of December. (Daily star 12th December).

The arrested JBM leader in Chittagong said, the next targets are NGOs and intellectuals. He further said, more than 200 suicide squad members and a few thousands former cadres of Islami Chhatra Shibir, student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, are involved in accomplishing the mission. ( Daily Star 16th December).

JMB already established it self to challenge the court, our national anthem, national flag, transport sector and rightly so. If Bangladeshis deserve the independence, should have been united to crake down any nuisance at its very early stage. Did not. It is we, Bangladeshis who voted BNP and its ‘shariks’ to be in power in 2001 and now facing the odd music. It is again the Bangladeshis who helped the so-called Rajakaars, Al Badars and other creatures to get united in the vision to win in the long run. Also for a Bangladeshi Muslim, the line between fighting a “holy war” and “terrorism” seems to have blurred. There is a far difference between honor and horror, which seems to be synonyms for the so-called Razakaars cum JMB activists. Ironically, JMB activists (working for the losers on 1971 in all respects) are Bangladeshis, activating their operations exclusive of any direct links with foreign force unlike of 1971 where Pakistani Army was dominant.

The scenario of present Bangladesh is a consequence of what we did in past. ‘Results of our own sins?’ –May be. We should be in deep grief because the murderers of 1971 walk free on the same soil that was reddened by the blood of the great sons and daughters of the land. The pain of the loss doubles really when the notion haunt our minds that the perpetrators could not be put in the hands of laws.
But wait…….we did not put them in the hands of the law, we successfully put them in a chair to change the law, let alone history. Job well done indeed. Thirty-four years later, the victims of the genocide are yet to see one single individual of the occupation forces or their associates brought to justice. Not one. And hey…….. How could we? We were busy in the process of planting them in the national assembly!

It is not the JMB or the Islamic fundamentalists, we should blame. They are just doing what they deem. It is us who are the behind it. And I am sure the worst is still to come. We have not seen it yet, neither are we prepared for it.




At the risk of sounding like a "salesman", I invite you to join Thought-Junction.

The least we countrymen could do, is be "aware"...be "conscious"...and write-ups like yours are aimed to do just that.

My best wishes.
...a passer by

Posted by: TMAB2003 | 12/16/2005

I too am impressed and touched by the emotions and feelings you possess for our dying country which obviously many of us need reminding.

You are far too young to have witness the atrocities of our liberation war yet your sense of loss is far greater than those who have.

Thank you !

On a personal note,
As for your writing skill...if you alllow me to be a bit critical, your language is too informal and sarcasm too blaunt...so for the common reader it needs be easily digested with a clear message sent. You are not writing in your personal diary.

My reason for expressing to you my view on your diction is because you have potential to write far better to reach a far wider scope of people ..maybe on some dailies. Please accept this as a positive comment.

Finally, I am proud that you have the courage to write some truth which we all want to cover up !

Posted by: bhaiya | 12/16/2005

Dear Bhaiya,

Thanks for saying what you said. I would like to hear from you. I would be Privileged if you kindly drop your email address in my mail sometimes.

Posted by: Subhan | 12/17/2005

to understand your philoshopy I have to complete Master`s degree.Tobe Sir bhaloi hoise Apnar friend re apnare jor kore shave Koraise Na hoile Apnare kintu JMB koia police jele vorto.

Posted by: Nazmul | 12/17/2005

good article...indeed

you must be a really deshi premik
received or self inspired ? thats the question !

but for all its worth...remember JMB doesnt represent Islam or its true
the fear of God should reside in everyones heart regardless of what
religion...that is what keeps us accountable and moral !
thanks for sending me the link...hoping to see more

good article...indeed

you must be a really deshi premik
received or self inspired ? thats the question !

but for all its worth...remember JMB doesnt represent Islam or its true
the fear of God should reside in everyones heart regardless of what
religion...that is what keeps us accountable and moral !
thanks for sending me the link...hoping to see more

adil bhai

Posted by: Adil | 12/17/2005

Very passionate writing my freind. We must continue to write. Come visit my blog sometime:

I'll add your blog to my blog list. Keep writing!


Posted by: Salam | 12/19/2005

Wonderful reflection on our sacrifice 34 years ago. Excellent job!! Remember after every dark night a bright morning waits for us. So, move on for shedding the light on our identity. Thank you.


Posted by: Addabaj | 01/04/2006

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Posted by: Raj | 02/08/2006

What an excellent peace of writing brother, everything you said is true, sadly it is all true. I love my country and i want to help my country to prosper. We true Bangladeshis will have to prepare ourselves for any attacks that will be made by the enemy's of our motherland, for example the JMB and other militant groups. We true Bangladeshis have to bring peace and prosperity to our motherland because it is a duty as true Bangladeshis. Remember that there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel. Inshallah we will live to see our motherland prosper and be peaceful like it was once was hundreds of years ago. Salam

Posted by: Tawfeeq Elahi | 02/16/2006

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In examining the reasons why she had not been able to stop smoking, I got an answer that seems strange when you think about it logically, but yet is a very common answer… fear of “losing my best friend”. How can something be your “best friend” when by your own report, you say you hate the sell, inconvenience and cost? She hated being controlled by cigarettes, but yet called them her “best friend”.
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Posted by: camellight | 09/04/2007

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