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Joto Dosh Nondo Jhosh

Hundreds of Bangladeshi textile factory owners failed to meet a government deadline to pay the workers even the minimum wage of 25 US dollars a month. Out of 2400 garment factories, 400 were still ignoring the rule as of June 30 - according to the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association. In some factories, workers earn as little as 13 dollars a month. The minimum wage was fixed in 2006 after several deadly protests by the workers, who torched 16 factories and ransacked more than 300 others.

In Bangladesh, judges throw cases for money, bureaucrats sell jobs without hesitations, journalists blackmail general people, businessmen run strong-arm cartels, yet they all blame only the politicians for turning the country into a failed state!

Garments Sector -May 2006 write-up.


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